Rafting and Bungee Jumping - Toplife safaris

Just outside Jinja (a couple of hours drive by taxi from Kampala) is the source of the River Nile, a location that spawned many an epic voyage of discovery by 18th and 19th century explorers.

Today the source of the Nile can be visited with ease, but where old style epic adventures have vanished, new ones are now on offer.

Not far from Jinja, near the famous Bujagali Falls, is the Adrift Rafting Base. It is here that you can experience the thrill of a few seconds of free fall as you plunge towards the waters of the Nile. Whether you pull up short and dry, or go for touch down is entirely up to you, but either way, a fall equivalent to a drop from an 11 story building is an experience you are not going to forget in a hurry.