Frequently Asked Questions and Answers(FAQs):

Question. Which is the best time to have a gorilla trekking expedition /safari?
  • Answer: It's usually better during the dry season as it gives a conducive environment for better viewing of game , gorilla treking in the hilly forests to avoid sliding.Best months are December, January,February, July to September .
Question. What are the major attractions in Uganda?
  • Answer: There are a variety of atractions but majorly we have game like elephants, Rhinoes, kobs family, cat family, , butterflies, , over 1000 bird species, primates like chimps, gorillas, monkeys, cultural performances, historcal sites and natural features like hot springs, water falls,rafting,bungee jumping,eco tourism etc can be done.
Question. How is the peace and security in Uganda?
  • Answer: Ugandans are naturally very peaceful and welcoming people culturally.The security is well beefed up country wide with army detaches in every tourist destination .The northern Uganda rebellion is also history as people have settled back into their communities.( home lands)
Question. Do I need a visa to Uganda?
  • Answer: Apart from East African nationals,all other nationals need visa to enter Uganda at a fee of $50 per entry EXCEPT for a few exemptions .Please give us your details to update you .
Question. Is it possible to get insurance coverage in Uganda?
  • Answer: Yes, You can be insured depending on which policy you want to covered by: either AAR health services,or Chartis ( formerly AIG). Policies range from travel, health, and many more.
Question. How is Payment done?
  • Answer: Payment is done by wire transfer system through our bank details prior to the safari.We're intending to introduce credit card system in the near future.
Question. What are the viable flight connections into Africa (specifically Uganda) from Europe and USA?
  • Answer: Flight connections are numerous and either fly direct e.g.: - British Airways - from London Heathrow or from Brussels via Nairobi with SN Brussels, Kenya Airways/KLM, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, OR from New york or Detroit using KLM, United Air, Continental airlines or American express via London and then to Entebbe. We can help you in sorting out your flight connections or you can arrange this link by yourself and we will meet you at Entebbe Airport (Uganda) on your arrival, and return you the airport for your departure
Question. Do you offer Insurance coverage, and if so, what policies can be obtained?
  • Answer: Yes, we use AAR to provide travel insurance for clients who would like to purchase insurance from TopLife Safaris at a good rate of only $50 per person for 2 weeks. (EMERGENCY RESCUE TRAVEL INSURANCE).Please inform us if you would like to buy this insurance from us at the time of your booking.
Question. What is the advisable unit of exchange (currency) that can be used at the destination country?
  • Answer: The Euro, GB Pounds, US dollars, or any hard currency may be exchanged in the many Forex Bureaux in Kampala. The use of credit cards is limited to Kampala, and it is best to carry local currency -the Ugandan shilling- when traveling.TopLife Safaris accepts payment for additional services in any hard currency , but the initial Safari deposit and balance may be paid by bank transfer to our Ugandan account.