Uganda Travel Tips.

It is tremendously lush country, dotted with lakes and rivers(the most famous being the Nile) and the west is fringed by the glacier- capped Rwenzori Mountains.
Best Time to visit:
The climate is good in Uganda all year round, day time temperatures generally hovering between 24 -28C. It cools down considerably at night, enough for a jersey but wollens are not necessary. The rains come twice a year, in October/November (short rains) and mid- March to end of May. Rainy season is no reason to postpone travel however, as generally it rains for an hour and the rest of the day is clear and sunny.
Visas are now necessary for most Nationals and should be obtained prior to travel at a fee of $ 30.00 per person. You can also get a visa upon arrival at the airport at the same cost.
Yellow Fever vaccinations are mandatory, and we recommend anti - malarial tablets, especially during the rainy season. Most prescription drugs can be bought affordably and with ease over the counter in Kampala. Personal Insurance is advised.
Official Language.
English, Luganda and many local dialects. Swahili is also widely spoken and understood.
Currently there is one International Airport at Entebbe. A number of international airlines fly directly to Entebbe, among them South Africa Airways, British Airways, Kenya Airways, KLM, Egypt air, Ethiopian Airways. Most major towns have an airstrip as do most National Parks and Game Reserves. Airport tax is included in your flight fare.


Uganda Shillings. It is advisable to carry American dollars ( the series should not be less than the year 2000) or Traveler’s cheques or any more hard currency. There are numerous Forex bureaux and banks in the capital and the man towns. Credit cards are accepted in major hotels and restaurants, but generally it is best to carry cash upcountry.
Safari attire is casual and comfortable. Light clothing, hats, sturdy shoes, long sleeve shirts for evening. Sweatshirt or fleece for evenings upcountry. Uganda’s position on the equator suggests a need for sun cream. Women in rural towns may feel more comfortable wearing clothing that covers their knees and shoulders, but this is not mandatory. It’s usually hot by midday, but evenings are always pleasant.

Pack light. Laundry facilities are available throughout your safari. Remember you have 20 kg limit and 30 kg for first and club class travelers when returning from East Africa. . If your itinerary includes any flying in private charter, you are restricted to a maximum of 20 kgs, including hand luggage.


african safari map

Gorilla Tracking:
The Minimum age for Gorilla tracking is 15years and each permit costs $ 500 effective 1st July 07 for both Uganda and Rwanda. You will require sturdy hiking shoes if you are going for gorilla tracking. Otherwise while on safari, there is not much walking and you stay in your vehicle during game drives. Bring a light-weight raincoat and a hat for sun protection. Roof hatches on safari vehicles are left open whilst game viewing. When tracking gorillas or chimps, always avoid bright colours and bright white, muted colours are best, greens, browns, blues etc.
Road conditions:
Please note that wilderness roads are very rough and bumpy and occasionally you will travel "off road".

at restaurants, anywhere from $0.50 to $1, depending on service and how much for the meal....10% is a good rule of thumb.
Driver/guides....................... $5 per client per day.
Camps and lodges $2 to 3 per client per night
Gorilla trekking guides and trackers $10 per client per trek.
Baggage porters at hotels/lodges $2 per client per stay
Kibale forest guides $3 per client per walk
Smoking...never in our vehicles, never in a room if sharing with a
non smoker. Not allowed in National Parks on game drives, walks, trekking
gorillas, chimps etc. Smokers must be respectful of others at all times.
Recommended clothing list...
Strong walking boots with ankle support for gorilla tracking.
Relevant socks
Light shoes
Cotton or gortex trousers
long sleeved shirts for trekking
light jacket
water proof clothing (not bright colours)
hat for sun and or rain
plastic bags for cameras and film
Be prepared for cool, dry, warm, wet weather when trekking Gorillas.